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One of the best ways to make an impact on the lives of less privileged families in Africa is sponsorship. For less than the cost of a tank of gas, you can feed an entire family for one month or meet countless other needs based on their unique circumstances.


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Each month, our liaisons in Africa identify new families who desperately need assistance. While we use donations to assist all families, your sponsorship goes directly to the family(ies) of your choice. Please note, all families are available for sponsorship. Read below to find one that touches your heart and moves you to sponsor.

Namuli pilai - tawakkal habibu_edited.jp
Namuli Pilai


I am paralyzed as a result of a stroke and obtaining good healthcare has not been possible due to our economic status. I was the only breadwinner in the family but my stroke has left...

Nabasirye matrida - tawakkal habibu_edit
Nabasirye Matrida


This year has been tough for me and my family due to this pandemic and the death of my beloved husband. My family lost a support system and soon after I was diagnosed with a brain...

Akwi Norah- Asonya Frank.jpg
Akwi Norah


This year we had rebel and karamojong raids and they took the little food and essentials we had. As I am growing older, my back hurts all the time and working in the field is tough.  We have...

Suubi irene - tawakkal habibu_edited.jpg
Subbi Irene


We have been struggling to buy food and I beg for money on the street.  I am in need of immediate assistance because I want to provide for my children after all of the pain and turmoil we...

Hellen Agonyo - Asonya Frank.jpg
Hellen Agonyo


I work as a peasant and all my money is used to pay for food and essentials which hasn’t been enough. It breaks my heart to say that I am a victim of domestic violence as my husband is an...

Abeja Christine.png
Abeja Christine


I am a small scale farmer and also a secondary school teacher. Due to COVID, all the schools have been closed causing one of my main sources of income to stop. My house is very small and...


If you're not ready to sponsor a family, you can always make a general donation. Please read about how donations have improved the lives of families in need.



My name is Afawa Esi. I am a 45-year-old married woman. I live in Ghana(Cape Coast) with my...

Afawa Esi
Amoah Grace


My name is Amoah Grace. I am a 74 year old married woman. I live in Ghana (Cape Coast) with my...  

Assan Kwesi.jpg
Assan Kwesi


My name is Assan Kwesi. I am a 51 year old woman. I reside with my nine kids in the Cape Coast of...


Our liaisons follow up with recipients to learn how their lives have changed since receiving assistance.

Ayomalie Algote
Ayomalie Alogte


I am Ayomalie Alogte. I live in Gbedema Kunkwak community, located in the Builsa South...

Atintanla Anagolim


I am Atintanla Anagolim, residing in the Upper East Ghana region, I am a single widow woman with 5...

Apobil Abachaliba
Apobil Abachaliba


My name is Apobil Abachaliba, a lady of geriatric age, with graciousness in my eyes...

Every dollar you donate can make a big difference.