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One of the best ways to make an impact on the lives of less privileged families in Africa is sponsorship. For less than the cost of a tank of gas, you can feed an entire family for one month or meet countless other needs based on their unique circumstances.


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Each month, our liaisons in Africa identify new families who desperately need assistance. While we use donations to assist all families, your sponsorship goes directly to the family(ies) of your choice. Please note, all families are available for sponsorship. Read below to find one that touches your heart and moves you to sponsor.

Akia Monday.jpg
Akia Monday

Akia Monday is a twenty-year-old young mother to four school age children. She lives with her husband and kids in a grass thatched hut in Kidongole municipality of Bukedea District in Uganda.

Teen pregnancies led her to having four kids between ages of four and nine years early on in life. She works as a peasant farmer tending to the family's farmland, planting and growing crops. Her husband suffers from knee problems and has a metal implant in his hip joint.

Namakoye Irene.jpg
Namakoye Irene

Namakoye Irene lives in the town of Kajjansi in Central Uganda. She is a 26-year-old divorced mother of two young children.

She is the sole breadwinner for her family. Due to a lack of basic education, she had difficulties finding employment. After a bitter divorce with her husband, she took up a job as a cleaner to support her family. Her job as a cleaner is not permanent and doesn’t pay her consistently.

Margret Bulya Mukisa.jpg
Margret Bulya Mukisa

Margret Bulya Mukisa is a 41-year-old divorced mother of three school age children. She lives in Uganda.

Margret has faced her share of life’s struggles. She lost one of her babies in childbirth due to negligence and inadequate medical care during delivery. To make matters worse, her husband cheated on her with other women while being married to her. He left her when she was pregnant with their third child. She was left to fend for herself and their kids.

musengimana farida ( mother) - habibu.jpg
Musengimana Farida

My name is Musengimana Farida. I am a 49-year-old divorced mother of seven school-age children. I live with my kids in a single room on rent. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure due to chronic depression.

I am not very educated and don’t have a stable job. To make money for daily expenses to support my family, I launder dirty clothes for people in the village. It is difficult to make ends meet, and I have trouble raising money to pay for my kids' tuition as well as other home and medical bills.

namutebi ramlah ( mother) -habibu.jpg
Namutebi Ramlah

Namutebi Ramlah is a 30-year-old single mother. She lives in the village of Nabuti with her four children in a small one-room rental place. She doesn’t have a job and is currently not eligible to get financial aid from the government.

All four of her children, the oldest of whom is 16 years old, are in school. She has a difficult life and struggles to raise money for her children's education. Her children frequently miss school and are not able to attend due to unpaid school fees.

kisembo josephine (grandmother) - habibu.jpg
Kisembo Josephine

My name is Kisembo Josephine. I am an 83-year-old widowed grandmother living with my 17-year-old granddaughter. I have faced many hardships in my life. My husband and my six biological children passed away from a variety of causes.


Their deaths have left me weak mentally and physically. I suffer from depression and other age-related illnesses like high blood pressure, poor vision, backache, and persistent abdominal pain.

Joseph Asonya .JPG
Asonya Joseph

I am Asonya Joseph . I am a 78 year old  man. I live in Kidongole village,  Eastern Bukedea, Uganda with my wife and 13 children. My story is not like any story, it is a story of grief and deprivation.


In my 78 years I have been a witness to the ups and downs of life. Loss of beloved ones is grieving, but the hardest is to keep the rest of your family alive in hard conditions for survival. When my first wife passed away many years ago, I remarried and brought a new woman home to share my responsibilities.


Please read about how donations have improved the lives of families in need.

okaali lawrence18.23.48 - joseph oboi.jpeg
Okaali Lawrence

My family and I have been struggling to make ends meet because of the drought and increasing fuel prices

connie nakanwagi refrig.jpg
Connie Nakanwagi

Connie Nakanwagi is a 32 year old divorced mother of three living in Uganda.

connie nakanwagi refrig.jpg
Tino Loy

Tino Loy is a 20-year-old married woman currently residing in Uganda with her family members. 

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If you wish to donate by check, you can mail a check to us:

The Africa in Me

6655 Santa Barbara Rd #8471

Elkridge, MD 21075


The best way for us to get your donations is online via credit card, your bank account, mobile wallet, or PayPal.


In whatever you do, don’t let selfishness or pride be your guide.


Be humble, and honor others more than yourselves.


Don’t be interested only in your own life, but care about the lives of others too.

Philippians 2:3-4

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