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What We Do

At The Africa in Me, we are committed to helping improve the lives of less privileged families in Africa. We provide them with food, help them secure jobs and start small businesses so that in the long term, they are able to support themselves and fulfill their own needs.


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We Provide Food

Food gives them the security to look for jobs and enables a better future for their children.

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Help with Capital or Jobs

So that in the long term, they are able to support themselves and fulfill their own needs.

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Host fundraise event

We host different events to raise money and awareness for AFIM. This includes raffles, walking challenges, and Back to School fundraisers.


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1. Identify families needing assistance

Our Liaison officers in Africa identify families in need of our assistance. 

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2. Visit families to find out needs

We meet with each family and ask questions to understand their needs. 

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3. Food donation

Most families have an immediate need for food. We initially provide them with food to help sustain them while they look for work. 

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4. Assistance with job or capital

We then help the famalies find a job or give them capital/goods to start a small business. 

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5. Follow up visits to check on the families

Our volunteers check in on the families to ensure they are thriving after they receive assistance.


See how your donations have saved and healed lives.

Grace Amankwah

This was a moment of joy as I could feed my family and help them with their essentials. I cannot thank them enough for their benevolence.

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Ayomalie Alogte

The Africa in Me is committed to partnering with all who desire to make an impact on the lives of the needy. With your help, much more can be done.

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Atie Atunisa

Now, I can imagine a better future for my grandchild and his mother which means my goal as a mother is accomplished.


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