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Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

by Maureen Kasera

Poverty is the main cause of hunger and most people find hunger to be too big to fix. Together we can all contribute and find a solution that will positively impact health, education, economy, and social development to achieve Zero Hunger.

Millions in Africa go hungry every day due to lack of income or their extreme poverty status. They struggle to think beyond their stomach. In Africa's hunger-stricken areas, giving them porridge is more fulfilling to them than anything else. The intrinsic value of the porridge in these areas provides hope for tomorrow. Their survival is pegged on their next meal and they depend on daily survival.

Why Hunger is a problem

Imagine going about your day-to-day life unsure of where the next meal will come from, it's more terrifying for a family of ten or more with no income to feed their families. The situation has pushed many to risk their lives. Most people find themselves becoming sex workers, thugs, and drug addicts for survival. This has led to a higher number of school dropouts and insecurity in these areas. Today in some parts of Africa, early and forced marriage cases are still reported due to extreme poverty. Children who get involved in early marriages are at a higher risk of domestic violence and abuse hence a violation of their human rights.

Donations are always one of the ways that have proven to be a formidable tool against hunger and poverty. The impact these donations have are unquantifiable. The smile and a full belly of a child who has had nothing to eat for days is simply priceless!

What we are doing to help

The Africa in Me is committed to improving the lives of less privileged families in Africa by providing food and empowering families to start small businesses.

To help fight hunger, Africa in Me has continuously sponsored less privileged families in two African Countries. (Uganda and Ghana).

You too can help end extreme poverty for families in Africa! Donate today and bring a smile to an African family.

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