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Education Crisis in Africa

by Maureen Kasera

The acquisition of knowledge and skills that translate into a productive life can mostly be achieved in a classroom, a kind of necessity in the modern world.

A 45-minute lesson in arithmetic for instance eventually comes in handy when conducting business where money, profits, and loss are all dependent on basic mathematical knowledge.

Unfortunately, however, the pursuit of knowledge has been impeded by a myriad of factors across the world, more particularly in Africa, where poverty is the biggest monster yet to be salin.

A fitting illustration would be countries like Rwanda. Where according to data from United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Despite being one of the best performing countries educationally; boasting a 98 percent enrolment in primary education, only about 71 percent complete primary education.

In the shadow of pauperism, the prevalence of education has been stunted greatly; a lack of trained teachers, inadequate learning materials, makeshift classes, and poor sanitation facilities constitute a dire educational predicament in the greater Central and Western African regions.

With such odds stacked against the African learner, a hail of interventions are necessary so as to give them a fair shot at their prospects and life's goals.

In response to this and as part of its mission, The Africa in Me has strategically championed the establishment, improvement, and maintenance of learning institutions.

Moreover, hosting back to school fundraisers have to a great extent assisted in the proliferation of education in marginalised regions in the continent.

Achieving this is no walk in the park as significant donations and charity drives are aimed at propelling a dignified and literate Africa.

With your help, The Africa in Me can do much more to help release not just literate people, but those that are empowered through education to be agents of change.

Your donation will transform the lives of the less privileged families in Africa.

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