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From You, Through Us, To Them.

Updated: May 8, 2022

by Maureen Kasera

By your hand, steering an individual and/or a society towards the promise of a better future is deeply gratifying. The feeling transcends cultural, racial and geographic barriers- a smile in east Asia is just as contagious as the one from West Africa. Of less importance when it comes to spreading love, is the grandness of your gesture- the overwhelming satisfaction is echoed nonetheless.

It is a wonder why charity drives seem to attract individuals and more broadly, institutions of diverse backgrounds to not only spread joy and hope to others of course, but in a sense, derive a warmth that reminds even the largest of corporations that we are one huge family, the human family!

The Africa In Me, has for the past year, been at the forefront of indiscriminately spreading love and bliss to those in the continent whose smiles have been long erased from their faces especially in the wake of the Covid -19 pandemic.

Undeniably however, this endeavor has not been a walk in the park bearing in mind the considerable time and resources that go into successfully empowering a society.

This notwithstanding, Aishatu a Ghanaian national, who is also the matriarch of a family of seven, has a reason to rejoice - a nigh foreign concept before The Africa In Me came to her rescue. Her woes ranged from ailing children to unemployment to emotional distress as a consequence of her predicament.

It seemed only prudent therefore, for The Africa In Me’s Organization to not only offer Mrs Aishatu a means through which she could generate income, but also counselling services to ease the toll her plight had on her psyche.

As a full time business, Mrs Aishatu now prepares and sells nutritious porridge to the locals. This earns her a decent amount of money, which is enough for her entire family. In what world isn’t that an outcome to look forward to? An empowered mother and a healthy community?

Through donations big and small, The Africa In Me’s organization could come to the rescue of even more underprivileged families within our areas of operations.

For instance, Janet, her husband and 19 children from Ghana have one less thing to think about than to say thanks to The Africa In Me’s prerogative to see them fed and clothed. Ultimately, making a tangible difference in the previously trouble stricken family.

It is for this, and a host of other people centered reasons that The Africa In Me passionately and unrelentingly continues to pursue the happiness and more importantly the decency of individuals and societies in need.

Through you, we can help more of the continent of Aishatus and Janet to break free from a cycle of poverty and despair in the form of empowerment and resource allocation.

By the grace of God and donations from the world, the reality of a hunger free, educated and empowered African society has for the past year been witnessed. Moving forward with the same enthusiasm will definitely result in a transformed Africa.

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