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Yahaya Adamu Ulba

Nigeria - Kano, Dakata   |   38 years old

Family of six


My  name is Yahaya Adamu Ulba, I am 38 years old. I am a married man and live with my wife, our four children. I live in Nigeria in a small village named Kano.

As the only breadwinner in the family, life has been difficult lately. From my early childhood, I liked mending parts of some device or the other in my house.


My parents couldn't afford to provide  me with a good education so I started helping them with work from an early age. Years went by and I was able to polish my mechanic skills so I went ahead to open a repair shop. 

I have four children, two young ones in school and two grownups one of whom is crippled. My mechanic shop doesn’t make enough money to feed my family and manage my son’s medical bills. Unfortunately, my shop was demolished by the government as a part of a road construction project. I was not compensated enough to start my shop again. It’s like my only source of income has ceased and I cannot do anything about it. We live in a small rented house and haven’t paid off the rent.

AFIM was there to help us during a very needy time. They have been assisting both my children to find a stable earning. We have been given donations of food and essentials.


My family is truly grateful for all the help and support. AFIM is our family and so are all the people who have been constantly supporting us through thick and thin.



$ 7.50

Feeds 1 family for 1 week


$ 29.58

Feeds 1 family for 1 month

Please help us support this family and other underprivileged families. Your donations make a difference in their lives.

Image by Lina Trochez

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