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34 year old in Kasokoso village

Suubi irene - tawakkal habibu.jpg

My name is Subbi Irene, I am 34 years old and I live with my children in Kasokoso village. I am unmarried and I have 3 children.

I have been struggling all my life as I was relocated to Uganda due to the war in Sudan. I had to leave my children’s father behind and the stable job I had. I work as a church cleaner. After moving, I couldn't afford a place to live as I had to leave behind everything I earned. I do not have a proper home for my family to live in.  The pastor allows us to stay at the church sometimes.


We have been struggling to buy food and I beg for money on the street.  I am in need of immediate assistance because I want to provide for my children after all of the pain and turmoil we experienced in Sudan, but we continue to struggle today.

We are in need of food, and I would like my children to be educated, but we need money for that and we don’t even have enough money for food. I would be forever grateful for some help.

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month


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