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47 year old who resides in the Eastern region of Uganda in a village called Bukedea

I am Olupot Joseph. I am 38 years old. I live with my wife and my kids in Uganda in Eastern Bukedea in the village of Kapungurei kidongole.

My father was sick many years ago and we were unable to afford the costs of doctor visits or medicines since we led a very poor life. I remember the moment of losing him as if it were yesterday; the feelings of grief and loss will never go away. The suffering and pain he endured ended with God's grace, and he now rests in peace.  I bear the full responsibility of taking care of my family. I am an uneducated man, so I face difficulties finding a job and securing food and essentials for my kids. I do peasantry in my home for some crops. However, the yields are limited, and barely cover our own daily need for food. The kids have been devastated, with no emotional spirit nor money for continuing their education.

Africa in Me has been nearby and offered all possible help and support to my family. They have given us food and will help me find work. It has opened doors of hope in our injured hearts. I would love to thank the organization for all of your efforts in helping the needy across Africa who face struggles in feeding their families.



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