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Obore Gideon

32 year old who resides in the Eastern region of Uganda in a village called Bukedea

I am Obore Gideon. I am 32 years old. I live with my family which consists of 10 children, me and my wife, in Uganda in Eastern Bukedea in Kapungurei village.

The responsibility of caring for a large family is hard. The scarcity of resources and low income we undergo have made it even tougher. Me and my family are peasant farmers. We grow food crops on small scales with whatever we have to try to eat. It is mostly not enough to even feed us or even sell to earn an income to secure our own essential needs. The groups of rebels that are common in the region complicate the situation further and endanger the sustainability of any income for my family. Unfortunately, my family members suffer from many diseases.  My kids have sickle cell sickness which requires additional financial strains in securing medicines. Also, my wife was bitten by a snake and this caused her a serious injury in her leg.  She has now become incapable to work on the farm which adds to my pressure to support the family.

The Africa In Me has been very generous to my family. They offered us a hand in the gloomiest of moments and helped us in getting food and to help us with capital. I hope the help opens doors for more attention from national and international sectors to open their eyes to needy families across the globe.



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