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Nabasirye Catherine

Uganda | 27 years old.

Has 3 kids

My name is Nabasirye Catherine.

I am 27 years old. I live in Uganda with my three children.

I am a single mother of three children. I feel like poverty was my punishment for a crime that I didn't commit.

I presently have no job and really struggle to feed my babies and secure their needs. They have mostly lived on empty stomachs and it is a miracle we are still surviving.  We live in a rented cottage that is not suitable to be called housing. I have been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and have no money to buy my prescriptions. I sadly passed the disorder on to one of my children and now I face additional trouble attaining the therapies and providing care for him.

We are glad for the kind assistance we had received from The Africa In Me. They provided our food and essentials. I have good skill in beauty salon work and I aspire that one day I could run my own business to feed and support my family.


$ 7.50

Feeds 1 family for 1 week


$ 29.58

Feeds 1 family for 1 month

Please help us support this family and other underprivileged families. Your donations make a difference in their lives.

Image by Lina Trochez

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