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56 year old married woman living Uganda.

Hellen Agonyo - Asonya Frank.jpg

My name is Hellen Agonyo, I am a  56 year old married woman currently residing in Uganda, Eastern Kachumbala. There are 13 members in my family consisting of me, my husband and our 11 children.

I work as a peasant and all my money is used to pay for food and essentials which hasn’t been enough. It breaks my heart to say that I am a victim of domestic violence as my husband is an alcoholic and creates chaos on a daily basis. My children and I have been abused by him for too long. 


I used to work hard but my back pain restricts me from working and my child is also diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. It's been a challenging year for all of us but  nevertheless as a mother seeing a child go through so much pain and emotional terror gives me deep grief.


The drought has been hard on our ability to grow crops this year and we have suffered from rebel raids on our village.

I desperately need assistance with essential daily items and food. AFIM is a huge part of my life now, as they have been emotionally helping with our grief. All we need is the help of wonderful human beings out there, and by the grace of God we will see better days.

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month


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