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Eva Kwagala Kwayesu

Central Kampala, Uganda | 46 years old

Has 3 kids

I am Eva Kwagala Kwayesu. I am 46 years old.

I live with my 3 children. We reside in Uganda, Central Kampala, in Kisalosalo village.

The happiest page of our life closed when my husband got HIV infection.

Our family was famous for selling bananas since it started up this trade many years ago. With my husband, I was gladly sharing the responsibility of the household. My husband managed everything related to finance and the business. In return, I was responsible for housekeeping and raising children. The happiest page of our life closed when my husband got HIV infection. The fatal disease destroyed his body. He died later after a hard battle against the disease that had consumed us emotionally and financially. With his death, I lost the companionship and support I had.


I am now a lonely woman, with a bigger responsibility than before. Life left me with no choice but  to work to support my family in all possible ways. As an uneducated housewife, I have been working as a banana seller continuing my husband's trade. However, the earnings are very few. I struggle to secure food and essentials for my kids. We currently live in a rental house in a wetland and suffered both from a poor environment and landowner threats for us to leave the house.

I would love to say thank you to The Africa In Me for supporting my family and in helping us get food and essentials. In doing so, they brought life and a candle of hope in our house. I owe them my deepest gratitude. 


$ 7.50

Feeds 1 family for 1 week


$ 29.58

Feeds 1 family for 1 month

Please help us support this family and other underprivileged families. Your donations make a difference in their lives.

Image by Lina Trochez

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