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Connie Nakanwagi is a 32 year old divorced mother of three living in Uganda. Early this year AFIM took care of the school fees for the whole academic year of her two school going children. AFIM also provided them with new uniforms and supplies like pens and books needed to attend school. 

We contacted Connie recently to check on her and to enquire how her children were faring. She said that her children Mugabi Isaac Newton and Nabuuma Angel, were both very excited to go back to school. She told us that they were all very happy and thankful to AFIM. Connie thanks God for the help that she received through AFIM. She mentioned to us that while she is still struggling to make ends meet, she has applied for a job in a company and is hoping and praying to get that opportunity.

We wish Connie good luck in her endeavors and hope that she gets the job position she wants. We also wish her kids the best to study well and excel in their classes in school.

AFIM liaisons met again with Connie and her children before the end of the year 2022. In the meeting, it was revealed to Connie that her family was one of the few that had been chosen to receive a refrigerator. Connie was ecstatic and grateful for the blessings. We wish Connie and her children a bright future!


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