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kisembo josephine (grandmother) - habibu.jpg

My name is Kisembo Josephine. I am an 83-year-old widowed grandmother living with my 17-year-old granddaughter. I have faced many hardships in my life. My husband and my six biological children passed away from a variety of causes. Their deaths have left me weak mentally and physically. I suffer from depression and other age-related illnesses like high blood pressure, poor vision, backache and persistent abdominal pain.

I live with my granddaughter in a one-room rental (shark house). My landlord has been pressing us to settle the past three months' unpaid rent right away. My granddaughter and I have no food to eat and we do not get any financial assistance from the government.

I used to collect empty plastic bottles that I would sell for money until I fell sick and couldn’t do it anymore. Now I am living on the generosity of my neighbors who help me and my granddaughter despite their own financial hardships. My neighbors help us with food and donate plastic bottles that I sell to buy medicines.

I cannot thank God enough for sending Africa in Me’s liaisons our way. They have been very supportive and caring, and have been suggesting ideas on how I and my granddaughter can become independent.

They are helping us set up a business and will provide us with the initial capital to open a store. My granddaughter and I can work together to run the grocery store and manage the charcoal business which will enable us to support ourselves.

We sincerely appreciate Africa in Me's kindness in supporting families like ours in such trying circumstances. They are our savior. God Bless them!


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