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My name is Okaali Lawrence. My family and I have been struggling to make ends meet because of the drought and increasing fuel prices.

AFIM has been very kind in helping us find a footing during these difficult times. With the donation of the two bags of groundnuts, we have managed to make a small profit that we used to purchase a female pig. We are hoping to set up a hog farm breeding pigs and raising piglets while also selling pork meat.

We are thankful for all the help and would like to express our gratitude for any additional consideration that may be given to us. With the weather getting better for harvesting and taking into account the current market demand for groundnuts, a few more bags of raw material (groundnuts) would be much appreciated.

While groundnuts are quick income generating, pig farming is a long-term income investment. Between both of them we should have a balance that should help us stabilize our future family income.

We as a family are extremely grateful to AFIM for supporting us and are very thankful for the donations that helped our family this first step of the way. Much thanks and God Bless!


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