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I am a 51 year old woman in Ghana with 9 kids.

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My name is Assan kwesi. I am a 51 year old woman. I reside with my nine kids in the Cape Coast of Ghana.

My husband and I are divorced. Life between us reached an impasse. Deprivation and lack of money contributed to our separation.  I am sad for my children, who have missed the sense of family from an early age.  The children live with me now, and I have been their only supporter.


Their father is not providing us with money and refuses to take responsibility by my side.  I work as a farmer, and sell smoked fish on the side of the road to earn money to assist me in everyday necessities. Although my sons offered me a hand of support in this trade, it is hard for a single woman to manage all.  Day by day, I am losing faith in this life.

I would love to thank Africa in Me, who has helped us stand on our feet. They donated food and clothes and emotionally cared for my family. It is nice when people care for each other and everyone plays a role on this earth.

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month


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