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My name is Apobil Abachaliba, a lady of geriatric age, with graciousness in my eyes and pertinence for everyone. I have never been married and live alone. I truly am a very dogmatic individual filled with positivity which fuels me with happiness till today. I currently live at Kasiesa in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

As a lady who never married, no  family members left are left in the family. With age, my body functions have disassembled but the strength of my entity and positivity have kept me going. Though I am fragile, I don't show it but the diseases are impacting me and the people around me negatively. A person this age must be properly fed with food, supplied with proper vitamins and nutritional supplements. I barely can walk properly and live in a mud house which is really small.

The deferential way I have always been  and conducts myself, has had me seek help from my neighbours. They help me with food, carrying water from the well and lending help on other heavy tasks I cannot perform. The bucolic area I  live in also doesn’t help, in terms of access to free medical and food supplies. My body has demeaned me from working to financially support myself. This is a hard time for everyone. COVID-19 has created a hassle and people are even afraid to talk to one another. The obscure environment this disease has created has undermined the help I used to get from my neighbors.


Every country is fighting the economic crisis and so is Africa, this means there is no one to aid me and I cannot be selfish to ask help around this time to the neighbors who have always been there for me.  Seeing my condition, one of the liaison spoke to me and tried to fathom my problems.


The messengers of God they are, support the  people in order to eliminate poverty and hunger in the country. I met her on (6/4/2020) and she donated food, medical and clothing supplies. I was so thankful and didn't have the ample of words to show my appreciation. The help I got can’t last for a lifetime and an old lady like me cannot suffice to work on my own. I culminated their visit with teary eyes and a mawkish heart. The quest of this organization is to serve people and support them with a purpose to live. Every kind of help is liberally welcomed like food, clothes, money and medicinal supplies.


We as humans want to acquaint ourselves with everything in life. As easy as it sounds, not every individual is privileged. Your help can change a person’s life and the regards and thankfulness from that person will abide for a lifetime. This organisation came as a lifesaver and changed how I can spend the few years of my life.

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month

Apobil Abachaliba


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