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Central Kampala, Uganda | 40 years old widow

Rose Aniwroth .jpg

I am 40 years old. I live with my three children in Uganda in Central  Kampala in the village of Kisalosalo. I am an uneducated woman without a job. To feed the hungry mouths of my children, I have worked as a housemaid. Despite this, I gained a little money, but not enough to secure our food and essentials. God blessed me with intelligent and responsible kids who have been my source of power in the darkest moments. They helped me in taking care of the house. They cleaned, washed dishes, and sometimes cooked our food. I dreamed they would get a good education and have a bright future. But the winds only blow in ways that ships do not desire. Now they can't go to school because of the fees. We live in a rental house in a poor environment in a slum, which has predisposed us to diseases and night attacks.

I aspire to start up a beauty salon. It is the area that I have seen myself successful. I am thankful for the support we have received from the organization of The Africa In Me. They helped my family by providing basic needs for food and clothes. I am glad for this support and for having people like them on the planet who work for only humanity and nothing else.


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