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Life has been tough and even much worse ever since my husband passed away. I have no one to help me. My husband left me with nothing. It is easy to see that the hardships and struggles of extreme poverty have had a terrible toll on my health and physical appearance. It’s causing me to age rapidly. I own only a few tattered clothes and I am always barefooted. 

I always have to expend a lot of energy under the hot and dry climate of the North, to gather firewood to sell before I can feed myself, not to even think of clothes, healthcare or getting a decent accommodation. Even feeding myself is a problem since I am unable to make ends meet with  earnings from the firewood and charcoal trade. 

The people in the community are poor; they don't have money to buy and since I don’t farm, this is the only way I can eat.  I have been tired of life. The suffering has been too much.

I believe the lives of most people are shaped, at some point, by someone who took the time and effort to pour something into their lives. Unfortunately, the people in this community are quite disadvantaged and we are not normally afforded such privileges.

The Africa in Me interacted with me and got first hand information of my situation. They donated food items and clothing to me. My joy and gratitude is unimaginable. The Africa in Me has also provided a more sustainable job for me in shea butter production. This is unbelievable. I have never dreamt of such kindness.


My name is Amino Imoro, I live in the Builsa district of Upper East Ghana. I am 87 years old and live with my daughter and her kids. There are 12 members in my family.


Upper East, Ghana | 87 years old, family of 12

AFIM visited us and enquired about our struggle and donated us food and some essentials.We are promised good assistance and hopefully medicines for my daughter.

They are like a ray of light at the end of the tunnel after so many years. We are in a much better space now and hope everyone is contributing to this good work.

My daughter is not able to hear and see properly. She also has a history of mental illness after she was married.

After her marriage, she was a victim of domestic abuse which led her to this condition. For a mother, her child will always be the same small fragile child but the abuse she had been through is heart wrenching. It breaks my heart to see our family scattered during these difficult times.


Money has always been an issue but with these many members in the family, we aren't able to feed everyone properly. My daughter’s medicine is really expensive and there is no way we can afford them. Her situation is worsening and we can do nothing about it.

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