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I live in Ghana in the inner region of Togo village with my family.  I am 30 years old and have 4 kids.

Aishatu Wahab.jpg

There are 7 members in my family including me, my mother, my husband and our 4 children. I work as a laborer and the work nowadays is really little. I have a newborn and he has “NEW HORN’S” illness and other complications. My mother also remains sick most of the time. My other children are also in school and  providing them with essentials is really hard. I have  many financial responsibilities but nowhere to earn money to pay for them. I am having a really hard time emotionally and economically. My newborn has been sick and his treatment is really expensive. The hope of happiness and clarity seemed to fade day after day.


But AFIM came into our lives and helped us find some happiness. Their counseling has had a positive impact on my family. Their generous donation of food and essentials is so gracious. Their service is helping us thrive and we hope everyone will take part in their journey of helping others. 

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month


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