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Cape coast in the Central region of Ghana.

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I am an elderly lady of 85 years. I lived with my husband in good times until death separated us several years ago after he suffered from many diseases.  I spent all I had on his treatments in the hope that he would be cured, but fate was faster,

and I lost his companionship. I am now alone in the house with no one to take me by the hand and check on my well-being. I used to make money by selling food to pay for my needs. Because of elderhood,

it is difficult to work and support me. Having no meals most of the time has negatively influenced my health and depleted my body even more. I hope that I will have some money to rear animals in my house and fulfill my financial necessities.

I thank the effort of Africa in Me for providing me with food and clothes. My faith in God has never faded, and I was urgently waiting for a kind heart which I have found with the help of the Africa In Me organization.


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