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47 year old who resides in the Eastern region of Uganda in a village called Bukedea

My family is like most of the households in our village  - poor.  We are farmers.  Nevertheless, the earnings are limited and not enough to cover the expenses of the house. If poverty is a man I would have definitely killed him. We have no food to eat nor clothes to cover our bodies. I have a large family of 8 children who are very responsible and kind. The older ones work in farms while the youngest help in running the house. I hope that they are able to one day return to school so they can find stable jobs in the future. Illness is common in my family.  One of my children has a goiter and another has been diagnosed with lame that is an autoimmune disease which has increased my concern to get him therapies. Lack of good nutrition and physical tiredness had negatively affected my health and resulted in the loss of my child after birth.

I would like to thank The Africa In Me for helping us. They have been very generous and supportive of my family. They donated us food and clothes.  This kind help lighted up the hearts of my children and brought them so much hope for the future. We would also be grateful to get some help to start a small business selling ground nuts. We would feel blessed.

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