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34 year old in Kasokoso village

Nabasirye matrida - tawakkal habibu.jpg

My name is Nabasirye Matrida, I am a 45 year old widow residing in Kasozi with my 4 children. I am a maize hawker by occupation.

This year has been tough for me and my family due to this pandemic and the death of my beloved husband. My family lost a support system and soon after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This disease is malignant and slowly killing my strength and vitality. I am the only breadwinner of the family and all my kids help in the household work. 


We, as a family, are facing the crisis of our life where having enough food for two meals a day is difficult. My children’s tuition fees have been delayed because of my disease as  I can't  work as I used to.

AFIM’s assistance has been very soothing to all our deep wounds but we still need essentials to survive. We are still in need of food and essentials to help us in our difficult time.

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month


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