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musengimana farida ( mother) - habibu.jpg

My name is Musengimana Fatuma. I am a 49-year-old divorced mother of seven school age children. I live with my kids in a single room on rent. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure due to chronic depression.

I am not very educated and don’t have a stable job. To make money for daily expenses to support my family, I launder dirty clothes for people in the village. It is difficult to make ends meet, and I have trouble raising money to pay for my kids' tuition as well as other home and medical bills.

The roof of our room leaks terribly and we do not have money to fix it. Also, since I have not been able to pay the past outstanding rent, our landlord has given us notice to vacate the rental property. I do not receive any financial assistance from the government, and me and my children do not have any other family that we can depend on. It's a struggle to find ways to support my family.

When Africa in Me approached me to help set up a business to support myself and my kids, I was elated. I would like to start a business selling charcoal. I could rent a location and open a small shop there. Another option that I am interested in is using matoke bananas to make and sell food stuff.

I am extremely grateful that Africa in Me took me and my family into consideration. We owe them a debt of gratitude and will be forever thankful to them for their timely help.


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