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namutebi ramlah ( mother) -habibu.jpg

Namutebi Ramlah is a 30-year-old single mother. She lives in the village of Nabuti with her four children in a small one-room rental place. She doesn’t have a job and is currently not eligible to get financial aid from the government.

All four of her children, the oldest of whom is 16 years old, are in school. She has a difficult life and  struggles to raise money for her children's education. Her children frequently miss school and are not able to attend due to unpaid school fees. One of her children could not take the primary school final exams for this reason.

She tries to earn her income by offering to wash people’s clothes. She has tried to get a stable job but has not been successful in her attempts. Her 12-year-old is deaf and suffers from hearing loss.

When liaisons from Africa in Me approached her and offered help, she said that she would like to start a business selling charcoal and foodstuff made from matoke bananas. Namutebi believes that her children will be able to assist her in managing the store.

Africa in Me seeks to aid individuals like Namutebi Ramlah who struggle to provide for their families' basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. AFIM works to give these impoverished families a way to generate their own income so that they remain self-sufficient and feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments.


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