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I am Atintanla Anagolim, residing in the Upper East Ghana region, I am a single widow woman with 5 children to watch out for. I am  a middle-aged widow woman, partially blind .I hail from Baasa, a village in the Upper East Ghana region of Africa.

As a partially blind lady, seeing the world and its true colors is a challenge in itself. The mother of five, not only must I protect my children from the world but also, should feed and fulfill their needs. The world can be a cruel place sometimes, more so for a widower mother. As the only bread-winner of the family, I had to spend all my money on food as the job is precarious and doesn’t provide a glut of money.


Covid -19 is rapidly increasing all around the globe with no sturdy plan to stop it. It is highly contagious in nature and attacks people with demeaned immunity, children, geriatric population and women. The repercussions this pandemic has brought to the life of my family is colossal. The diminutive family of mine is already struggling for their living, and has abstained from the idea of a happy, healthy lifestyle. With the world dealing with unemployment right now,I personally am also one of the thousands of people who lost their job and was swamped in the fear of losing  family to starvation and other health issues. This kind of state can be amenable leading to a wrong path in life. I didn’t even have a place to settle down at night with family. One problem is never enough in an individual’s life - one of my children was suffering from a disease and was prescribed medicines which I was unable to 

pay for. In the search of financial support to run the family’s basic needs, I once stumbled on one of the liaisons, Becky, who visited me on 5/29/2020. All one self wants in this state is a little donation to feed the children  and provide them with essential medication.

The Africa in Me, as an organization, undertook not only the responsibility to help me with food (6/10/2020), but aligned to shape my family into a certain skill, for future sustainability and economic viability. They considered all our  problems as their own and donated food as well as medication . A mother would always want her children to thrive with opportunities despite the struggles in her life.

I  have emerged out as one of the bravest women despite my visual impairment since AFIM helped reconcile my restiveness. I wanted to work for my children to give them a life I  couldn’t encounter. I was really intrigued on selling ground nuts (9/17/2020) to earn pennies for my family. So to culminate the team's work there, they provided me with bags of ground nuts to sell. Today,I am so thankful and complacent, my words precisely being: Humanity is still extant, the organisation is a gem I will treasure all my life.

Every $ 7.50 feeds a family for one week

Every $ 29.50 feeds a family for one month


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